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Exterminate Pests - Cockroaches, Ants, Fleas, Spiders
The Carpet Cleaners offers professional Residential Pest Control Services throughout Brisbane Caboolture Morayfield Burpangery .
When treating pest problems in your home, we are sure that you would want to be confident that you and your loved ones are safe, and that the treatment you choose is environmentally friendly, not harmful to children or pets and will work effectively in irradicating pests in your household.

Insects, spiders, rodents and other types of pests which invade your home may be small in stature but the damage that they can inflict to the structure of your house and your family's health can be significant and very costly to both your budget and your health. If you have regular Pest Control treatments and a maintenance program in place this can aid in early identification and irradication before major damage occurs.
As a responsible homeowner, having a regular pest control program in place can monitor these pests before the situation becomes uncontrollable and significant damage and costs are incurred.
The Carpet Cleaners Pest services offers environmentally friendly and safe options to protect your home against pests.

We provide:
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Rodent Inspections and Irradication
General Pest Control
Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services
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At The Carpet Cleaners we provide our residential pest control customers with the same fast, professional, reliable, effective and environmentally friendly service that we offer to our Commercial Customers.
The Carpet Cleaners offers a big 4 bundle to our residential customers - this includes:
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This pest control bundle covers pest control treatment both indoors & outdoors.
In addition to this we offer a range of other pest control services packages to treat your home and keep you safe. These include:
Rats & Mice package
Fleas deal.
The Carpet Cleaners know how annoying a flea infestation can be, whether the fleas were introduced by a pet or not, doesn't change the fact that these are annoying pests and the only way to manage them properly is to enlist the help of a specialist.
We have all the knowledge and experience required to effectively manage any flea problem!